• Our Aim

    To do our part in minimizing our impact on the planet through biodegradable products, and thereby lessen the dependence on regular plastic. To help minimize waste, reduce the use of environmentally damaging products and keep our planet clean and healthy for future generations.

Welcome to Greenland

Our planet needs us to change. The U.S. alone uses 100 billion shopping bags annually and only about 1% of plastic bags are returned for recycling. Regular plastic bags take about 500-1000 years to break down and even then they don’t fully biodegrade.

At Greenland we are working to provide sustainable alternatives for everyday products, without the environment damaging consequences. We achieve this by manufacturing everyday products that are biodegradable.

We manufacture different types of biodegradable products, such as home compostable, industrially compostable, oxo-biodegradable. Which type of biodegradability we use depends on the use of the product; we choose the type of biodegradability that works best for your product, so you have a product that is high quality as well as biodegradable.

Regular Plastic

  • Is not biodegradable
  • Is the most common litter
  • Takes around 500-1000 years to break down
  • Pollutes the environment
  • Can only be recycled a finite number of times

Biodegradable Plastic

  • Can be broken down by microorganisms or sunlight and heat
  • Can be made from organic waste material instead of from fossil fuels
  • Less energy is used in manufacturing (e.g., when making corn-based PLA)
  • Does not release harmful substances when breaking down
  • Composting of bioplastic products can make the soil fertile

What our customers say about us

“I have found this to work really well. I didn’t find myself changing the pail any more frequently than with a non-biodegradable product. There is no other diaper pail refill that I have come across that’s biodegradable –  it does the job perfectly well.

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